Fraud Alerts

Backlink Scam

If you are a business owner with a website or just have a website period, you get tons of emails. Many of those emails are scams for money. The scam emails below are a backlink scam. There is no need or benefit for paying someone to backlink to your website. Stay away from these! Inquiry: […]

Fraud Alerts

Are you being scammed?

tl;dr If you get a message stating your company is infringing or violating copyright-protected images owned by themselves, it is a scam. You haven’t committed copyright infringement. This is an attempt to place malware/ransomware on your computer or extort you for money. Do not click the link. Do not call the number listed. Delete it […]

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Governor Andrew Cuomo in 2017

Governor Cuomo Announces New York Yankees and the New York Mets will Start the Season with Fans in the Stands Beginning April 1

The 2021 season will start Professional Sports in New York with Large Outdoor Stadiums will Reopen at 20 Percent Capacity; Attendees Must Show Proof of Recent Negative Test or Immunization; Venues and Events Subject to Strict State Guidance Regional Sports Venues That Hold 1,500+ People Indoors or 2,500+ People Outdoors Can Reopen; Capacity Limited to […]

Political News

Twitter sues Texas

Twitter is suing Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, alleging that he abused his office to target the company over its decision to ban former President Donald Trump. Days after Twitter banned Trump after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, Paxton announced an investigation into Twitter and other tech companies over their “seemingly coordinated de-platforming of the […]