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Is ticketCMS, ATBS?

Yes, ticketCMS is an ATBS Product. We have many Products in many industries and build all types of websites not just Ticketing websites.

Rest assured that ticketCMS is backed by the same great people and support as an ATBS Product.

Does ATBS build any other types of websites?

Yes, we build ALL types of websites. WordPress, Shopify and more in any industry!

Learn more about our Website Design Service.

Are we owned by TicketNetwork or any Ticket Exchange?

Nope, We work with the Ticket Exchanges in the same way your TV maker works with Comcast. But we are not owned, share data or any other type of ownership.

Do our websites work with mobile devices?

Yes, every website we create is completely Mobile Responsive. Which means one template works with PC, iPad, tablet and cell phone. Each design will dynamically shrink or expand to fit the screen.

Do I need a Ticketing Website since I'm a Ticket Broker?

This is the dumbest concept Ticket Brokers have today. Ticket Brokers are amazing entrepreneurs but very untechnical. Your website is the power behind your businesses image to your Customers, fellow Ticket Brokers, the BBB, Google My business, banks you might want loans from, looked at when you fight charge backs and so much more.

With that knowledge how is a cookie-cutter that the Ticket exchange provided to you and 35,000 other businesses a good idea? Our websites are cheap, cheaper than your Comcast bill. Why would you not want it?

Do we help with SEO?

We can absolutely help you with your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Email Marketing

We have helps hundreds of clients with their SEO. 

How do I get support?

We have a fanatical support staff that is waiting to help you via our HelpDesk. If you need After-Hours support simply call the After-Hours support line and leave a Voicemail and you will get the help you need!

What type of services do we offer?

We offer many services beyond Ticketing Websites.
We offer General Website Design, SEO, SMM, Email Marketing and more.

Learn more about all the Services we offer.

How do I cancel?

There are no terms with ATBS. You can cancel ANYTIME with 30 days notice.

To cancel simply post a ticket to the helpdesk with the notice to cancel your service. That's it! The date you post the cancelation ticket will count as the 30 day notice.

You can also reactivate anytime with a reactivation fee and paying the current monthly subscription.

What is your refund policy?

We have no refund policy. Do not signup if you are not completely sure that you want our products and services.

Look at our Fact or Fiction section for more information.

Is the website provided by the Ticket Exchange working for you or them?

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ticketCMS works with TicketNetwork, TicketEvolution, VividSeats and AutoProcessor / Logitix.

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Ticketing Websites for Ticket Brokers and Affiliates

Ticketing Websites for Ticket Brokers and Affiliates
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Unbelievable fast
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Cheaper than your Cell Phone Bill!

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