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    • No Refunds
    • Software is sold AS-IS with its current features (we will not make any changes, customizations, integrations, or anything unless paid to do so.)
    • 30 days’ notice to cancel your account is required.
      • How do you cancel?
    • Your monthly starts the day you signup unless you have a special offer.
      • Hosting is required through ticketCMS.
      • Your monthly is due every month as long as you have not canceled period unless you cancel. It does not matter if your domain is aimed at the server, if you are using the website, making a profit or any other reason.
    • ATBS will place a red notice banner on your website after 30 days of non-payment of services.
      • Removal of the red banner will only occur after all past due is paid and only during ATBS business hours.
    • ATBS will take down your website and cancel your services after 90 days of non-payment.
    • A reactivation fee is required if you cancel for more than 60 days or if your website is taken down for non-payment of services. The reactivation fee is one-time $950.
    • Setup can take longer than 15-30 minutes depending on DNS change time from your Domain name registrar, how long it takes the Ticket Exchange to provide your API Information and if you wish to wait for that.
      • Discounts and refunds are not offered for delays.
    • Features vary depending on which ticketCMS Package you pick.
    • You can switch your chosen Template Design Option, but there is a cost
      (currently $950 per switch | Subject to change).
    • All support is handled through our Helpdesk by posting a Ticket.
      • Ticket answer times are based on the SLA you are on. Learn more about ticketCMS Support.
      • For After-Hours Emergency Support, you call our After-Hours support line and leave a Voicemail for our After-Hours support staff to help you.
    • Templates
      • Powerpack templates work with TicketNetwork, TicketEvolution, and VividSeats.
      • Premium Powerpack templates work with TicketNetwork, TicketEvolution, VividSeats, and AutoProcessor / Logitix.
    • If you purchase the Lite Version your site will be installed as the Professional Version for a trial period then downgraded after the trial period ends..
    • Discounts and special offers cannot be used past their expiration date.
    • Discounts and special offers cannot be stacked or combined unless specifically noted.
    • Discounts and special offers do not apply to current customers of ATBS, ticketCMS, or TicketPlatform unless specifically noted.
    • Verbal abuse or threats will get your account canceled.
    • These are not all the terms that you agree to when you signup.
      For a complete list of terms

Step 2 : Pick a Design

Simply pick your template for your new Ticketing Website. Any template will work, they are all designed to maximize your exposure, Search Engine Optimization, and conversion.

You can change the design later if you want for a fee.

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Step 3 : Provide the required Information

All we need to know to install and setup your new site is which Ticket Exchange you want to put it on and for you to change your DNS (or provide us with access to do it for you).
We will get your logo, about us, and other information from your current site and move it over for you.

Step 4 : We do the rest

We will now install your new Ticketing Website, move over all the items that we do move, and then we will send you an email with access to your new administration panel aka Content Management System (CMS).

If you need help or support simply post a ticket to our Helpdesk.

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    The Last thoughts or hold ups

    Here are some final

    So many Ticket Brokers think since they don't get or care about sales on their website that the Ticket Exchange provided website or even no website is "good enough". This is a HUGE mistake. For less than your monthly Comcast bill you can have a world-class website that portrays your business in the manor it should be.


    This is solely up to you. All of our templates are been designed by our coders specific for the Secondary Ticketing Market. They will all work perfectly for your business. So pick the one you like the most. You can change the colors from the admin panel or all the links, banners and information to be what you want.


    You can cancel anytime with 30 days notice. There is no term. To reactivate your website just tell us, pay a small reactivation fee and we will restore your website.


    Any questions, issues or need for support simply to go our helpdesk.

    More concerns, questions or want to Get Started? Call us at (281) 392-9693.
    You can also check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
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    Since 2005 we have helped our clients

    What are current clients saying?

    Emilia Clarke
    Client of ATBS
    GoldenTickets started with ATBS on our TicketTechnology xml website and will be our first website using the TicketEvolution xml feed at TicketSummit Vegas 2011. ATBS worked with GoldenTickets to convert their original website design to our xml ticketing software; they kept their look and gain the amazing functionality our software provides.
    Emilia Clarke
    Client of ATBS
    One of ATBS’ initial customers, eSeats has gone through many design changes and custom feature additions with ATBS. As the owner of, it’s my job to evaluate and manage partnerships with third party companies. Choosing ATBS as our hosting and primary web development partner has been one of the best decisions I have made. Since 2005, Brandon and his team has helped lower our costs for maintaining and developing our website. Their drive to innovate has helped us become a leading retailer of tickets online and grow the brand while giving me the peace of mind I need to focus on the business of buying and selling tickets. I strongly recommend ATBS to any ticket broker looking to grow their business. They know what they are doing and you can trust them. Bob Bernstein CEO
    Emilia Clarke
    Client of ATBS was the FIRST client to use ATBSS and we are glad we did. We have been able to keep our site updated with the latest technology and features with their help. They have always been very responsive to our ideas and suggestions. It has been a pleasure doing business with them and look forward to many more years together. Ray Cooke Ticket Pro
    Emilia Clarke
    Client of ATBS
    We have two websites with ATBS: One English website ( and one Spanish website ( ATBS has been able to implement all of our customizations successfully and the websites are easy to maintain. Thank you, ATBS! Andrea Pedersen Queen Bee Tickets, LLC
    Client of ATBS
    ATBS software is so verisitle and easy to work with that the developer at SelectATicket was able to take our website and customize it to his own needs. ATBS provided the design some custom modifications provided by to SelectATicket ATBS has been a tremendous help in growing our online business. Their support team is always quick to respond to any issue and they’ve built a software tool that makes my job much easier. Using ATBS frees me up to focus on more projects than ever before. Thank you for providing such great software & service to your customers. Sincerely, Mark Gibbons, Webmaster
    Client of ATBS
    We switched over to Atbss a few months ago due to the fact we were making some major changes on our web site. We were definitely hesitant to make the move as anytime you change hosting companies and web site development companies it can be very daunting. However, I have to say the switch was seamless, the staff at atbss was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. We gave them a plethora of changes and they handled them without incident and in a very timely manner. Working with Atbss has been very beneficial to my SEO people as they were able to get things done for them in order for the site to be successful. Another thing I really appreciate about Atbss is that they do not nickel and dime you for every change, If it is not a major change, they don’t charge you. They truly want your site to be successful. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with them.
    Client of ATBS
    Mar 2, 2018 It’s an absolute pleasure to work with the friendly and professional team at ATBS. The design team has done a fantastic job making our website look and feel just the way we wanted. Our new ATBS site has excellent functionality, and very mobile friendly which is so important these days. The Admin panel is full of rich features so that we can continue to customize and update our site with ease. A special thanks to Brandon & Stirling!!!! Jason Young,
    eCity Tickets
    Client of ATBS
    Hi Brandon, I just wanted to commend you and your team for the fine job you have done with Please forward my thanks to your entire team. The whole design and code team pulled together to give me exactly what I was looking for on my site. I had several custom changes I wanted made and your team completed them all quickly and at a very reasonable cost. In several instances, getting involved to help me come up to a solution for something I was looking for. Having dealt with your major competitor for the last 2 years, I know the difference between your great service and theirs. Your people have always taken the “we can do it” approach compared to your competitor’s “we are the only game in town, take it or leave it” attitude. I cannot wait until my contract is up with the other provider so that I can switch my other major site over to ATBS. Again, I just wanted to let you know of my gratitude for a job well done. Bob Baker
    Ticket Raven
    Client of ATBS
    It is a pleasure to work with the ATBS team of professionals. About a year ago, I upgraded my ticket website, hosting, blog, and everything associated with Ticket Raven over to ATBS – my business has thrived since. ATBS technology for ticket websites is second to none with the best design, great user experience, and strong customer support my business needed to move forward. Thanks, Joe May at Ticket Raven.
    Vegas Tickets
    Client of ATBS
    ATBSS has built several websites for us and their reliability and performance has been outstanding. Their admin panel is very in depth, user friendly and flexible and their staff is great at customizing it for all of our particular needs. ATBSS’s support department has always been helpful and provides quick solutions whenever we encounter a problem.
    World Ticket Conference
    Client of ATBS
    Working with the member’s of the NATB, ATBS designed and developed the 2011 World Ticket Conference website which will include a complete administration panel to allow the NATB to easily update their website for future tradeshows. ATBS ensured the website was completed by the deadline set so that it may be promoted and displayed before the 2001 Conference.
    Tickets 2 U Now
    Client of ATBS
    Thanks for all your help I really do appreciate it! You got a customer for life! Rich DiMeo,