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Why Choose ticketCMS?
The real question is why not? Even if your a wholesale / consignment Ticket Broker who doesn't want retail sales, your website is the face of your business!
Our sites work with TicketNetwork, TicketEvolution, VividSeats, AutoProcessor/Logitix!
Switch Ticket Exchanges anytime with a click of a button!

Your website is the face of your business!

ticketCMS is the most advanced Ticketing website ever built. It works with TicketNetwork, TicketEvolution, VividSeats, and AutoProcessor / Logitix. It only takes 15 minutes from the point you signup to get it completely live with hundreds of thousands of pages, all features, and an amazing administration panel / CMS on your domain name.

It’s simplistic, the only work you have to do is say let’s do it and pick a template and we do the rest! 

Simply Contact us or call us at (281) 392-9693 for more information or to get started.

Please take time to read and understand our terms as well as what you are buying. You are getting a fully functional ticketing website with 20 years of R&D and software development, we will not customize, or add API’s, features, or anything beyond the features listed below.
Please fill free to ask any questions PRIOR to your purchase.

ticketCMS Works with

features can depend on which Ticket Exchange you use with ticketCMS

Features and options to customize the software can also depend on if you will be a Ticket Broker or Ticket Affiliate (sometimes called Private Label, White-Label)

Why Choose ticketCMS
ticketCMS will change your business forever!

ticketCMS Features

These are just some of the most used features and services of ticketCMS. ticketCMS has over 16 years of research and development and too many features to list. For more information Contact us or call us at (281) 392-9693 for more information or to get started.

Stellar Customer Service

From the sales process to getting your ticketCMS Ticketing website live on your domain and the ongoing support and service we have been doing this since 2005.

We will be there for you anytime you need help and even if you don't need help.

Amazing Support | 24/7 Emergency Support

First we have video tutorials and knowledge base. But if you need more help than that simply post a support ticket to our helpdesk
If its after-hours and a supported Emergency then simply call our after-hours emergency support number and leave a Voicemail and our support staff will be there for you.

Mobile Website (Responsive Design)

You'll have no need for expensive Mobile Application Development as your new ticketCMS website is complete Mobile responsive. You can see this by going to the template design options and looking at them on any mobile device or simply reshape your browser to the width of a cell phone and watch your new ticketCMS design reshape itself to fit.

Fully functional Ticketing Website

It only takes 15 minutes to get our most advanced Ticketing website ever built and fully functional on your domain completely live. ticketCMS works with TicketNetwork, TicketEvolution, VividSeats and AutoProcessor / Logitix. 

Hundreds of thousands of pages for every Performer, Event, State, City, Venue, Category and more. The SSL / https:// is fully installed and setup. An amazing Administration Panel that lets you control almost every part of your new Ticketing Website.

Hundreds of Thousands of pages (Concerts, Theater, Sports, Venue pages and more!)

From the moment we install the template you picked you're new ticketCMS Ticketing Website will have hundreds of thousands of pages for every Performer, Event, Category, Venue, State, City and more. You can control the content, images, banners, sliders and more from the admin panel / CMS.

Interactive Seating Charts (iMaps)

No matter which Ticket Exchange you pick your new website will have interactive seating charts. *


Your new ticketCMS Ticketing Website will have a CityGuide section that has every USA State, Canada and then every city that has a page you can control the content, images and more on.

Ability to switch templates anytime!

We will always been adding new templates for ticketCMS. If you find one you want more than the design you picked you can simply switch them. *

Ability to add multiple items into the shopping cart *

Your new ticketCMS Ticketing website will have a shopping cart that allows your Customers to purchase multiple items at the same time. 

GEO-Targeted Website

Much of your new ticketCMS Ticketing website will be GEO-Targeted which means your website visitors will see what matters to them. But they will also be able to see everything else as well.

The site uses Caching technology to load super fast!

Our ticketCMS Ticketing website product is the fastest Ticketing website you'll see in the Secondary Ticketing Market and we are always trying to make it FASTER! Speed equals conversions and better SEO! We use caching to make this happen.

Power filters to help customers find what they are looking for

When a Customer is looking for a Dallas Cowboys game they are looking for a specific game and ticketCMS has POWERFUL ticket filters that helps your Customers drill down the listings to the specific one they are looking for all without reloading the page.

Members Panel (Allows your customers to signup for an account) *

ticketCMS has a Members panel that allows your website visitors to signup with Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc (social signon) and create a account that they can look at all past orders and other information. You as the website administrator can see all this information in the administration panel. *

Rich Snippets

ticketCMS works for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and has all the needs tools built right in to help you do the marketing you choose.

Content Management System (CMS) / Administration Panel

All versions of ticketCMS come with a powerful Administration panel that is called a Content Management System (CMS).

You can access your new CMS from anywhere on the planet via PC or mobile device by going to your domain.com/admin/.

From your CMS you can change the colors of your website, Logo, Favicon, links, banners, sliders, text, content, meta-tags and more!

CMS : Ability to customize logo, favicon, colors and more

If you can click a mouse or a finger on a mobile device you can customize your Logo, Favicon, websites colors and more all with ease and without need of technical understanding.

CMS : Add Default content, meta-tags, images and more

You can add default content, meta-tags, images and more that will appear on all Performers, Events, Venue, States, Cities and more that will appear on all until you add custom content, meta-tags, images on specific items.

CMS : Add, edit, remove Custom content, meta-tags, images, code and more

From your CMS you can add custom specific content, meta-tags, images and more to any Performer, Event, City, State, Venue, etc.

CMS : Exchange Toogle

Your new ticketCMS website works with many Ticket Exchanges TicketNetwork, TicketEvolution, VividSeats or AutoProcessor / Logitix one at a time. You can switch from Ticket Exchange to Ticket Exchange with a click anytime.

This feature is called the "Exchange Toogle" inside the CMS.

NOTE: The Exchange Toogle is disabled for TicketEvolution Affiliate Websites (TEA) but we can still switch your feed from TEA for you then the Exchange Toogle will be available within the admin panel once more.

The URL Structure changes per Ticket Exchange due to the diffrent event IDs, Venue IDs and naming differences.

CMS : Payment Gateway

Ability to use one of three Payment Gateway's.

  1. Adyen
  2. Braintree
  3. PayFlow

Additional cost apply to use Feature

CMS : Create, Edit or Delete Unlimited Custom Pages

ticketCMS comes with hundreds of thousands of pages for every Performer, Event, City, State, Venue and more but sometimes you might need to create some pages. A about us page, or any type of page you can create as many as you want right from your new CMS.

You can also put ticket listings on the new pages you create from any performer or event. *

CMS : Add, edit and remove Administrators

Administrators have access to your CMS and can do anything within your CMS. You can add, edit or delete Administrators anytime.

CMS : Ability to write CSS / JavaScript in the admin panel

You do not have to ever write code. But if you have the skills and want too you can write CSS or JavaScript right into the administration panel.

CMS : Social Media Integrations

With ticketCMS, Social Media Integration is easy as cut and pasting and we'll do it for you when we setup your site. After your past your Social Media links in your CMS the integrations will automatically appear on the frontend of your Ticket Website.

ticketCMS Social Media Intergration

CMS : Ability to edit banners, links, images and more

You don't need any technically understanding to completely control almost all aspects of your new ticketCMS Ticket Website. If you can click, you can control banners, links, sliders, meta-tags and more.

CMS : Social Sign On

Social Sign On allows you as the Administrator to signin to your Administration Panel and your Customers to signin to the Members panel with Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and more!

ticketCMS CMS Social Sign ON

CMS : ConstantContact and Mailchimp Intergration

ticketCMS has complete integration with ConstantContact and Mailchimp. It will take your website visitors and customers emails from your contact us form and other areas and put it in your account so you can send emails to anytime.

CMS : Ability to add tracking code or any code right into the admin panel

If you can cut and paste, you can add any type of tracking code to every page of your new Ticket website right through your CMS.

ticketCMS Add Tracking Codes

CMS : Stop spam with Google Captcha

You can stop form spam from spambots by signing up with the free Google Recaptcha. 

ticketCMS Stop Spam with Google Recaptcha

ticketCMS CMS Stop Spam with Google Recaptcha

CMS : Powerful Ticket Filters

Depending on which Ticket Exchange you go with, you will have different powerful Ticket Filters that you can control what type of tickets is on your website.

ticketCMS Powerful Ticket Filters
ticketCMS Powerful Ticket Filters

We have a paid addon "Performer and Event Filter Modification" that allows you to block any Performer or Event. Contact your ATBS sales rep for more information on this modification. 

CMS : Image Storage

You can upload any image right through your new CMS and use those images on your homepage, Performer pages, Event pages and more. Once you upload an image it will be saved in your CMS forever until you delete it.

PCI Compliance *

As long as you use Trust Guard we will fix any PCI compliance issues you have with your website for free.

Signup for TrustGuard at a discounted rate through us.


CMS : Checkout Settings (Logitix)

Ability to change many of the settings for the Logitix checkout.

CMS : Service Fees (Logitix)

Ability to control your websites service fees.

Heard enough? Ready to take control over your Ticketing Website?

Get started with your new ticketCMS Ticket Website or Got more questions? Check out our Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) or Call us anytime at (281) 392-9693.

Optional Paid Addons and Services

Trust Seals

Trust Seals are HIGHLY recommended and increase Customer trust and conversions. The best news is they are very cheap.

We recommend you use TrustGuard and ShopperApproved at a minimum but you can use anyone. 

For more information on Trust Seals.

Live Chat

We do not include Live Chat functionality in our ticketCMS software since there are so many great options out there.

You can use anyone you wish for your Live Chat. We highly recommend and use WebsiteAlive.

Stock Images Service

You can of course use any image you want on your website. But this comes with risk of getting cease and desist and even legal action from companies like Getty Images if you get them from Google or other Search Engines.

The good news is that we have a stock image service that has tons of high quality images related to the Secondary Ticketing Market.

It is super cheap for the protection you get and as long as you are a monthly subscriber you are protected. Check our our Image Service!

iPhone and Android Mobile Applications

Your new ticketCMS Ticket Website is completely Mobile Responsive and will dynamically shrink down to fit all on Mobile devices.

But if you want Mobile Applications we can build them for any industry, any type of Mobile Application. They are not cheap, but they are powerful marketing tools.

Performer and Event Filter Modification

Sometimes you might only want certain Performers or Events on your ticketCMS website. Or you might want to block certain Performers or Events, well good news. We have a modification for that.

Just call us at (281) 392-9693 to learn more about our Performer and Event Filter Modification and get it installed.

Payment Modification

Your ticketCMS website will seamlessly and automatically work with the Ticket Exchange you picked and its payment processing. But if you want to be able to accept Google Pay, Apple Pay, Venmo, PayPal and more then we have a Payment Type Modification. 

Just call us at (281) 392-9693 to learn more about our Payment Type Modification and get it installed.

This is not all the Optional Paid Addons and services, but some of the most requested and used.

We will not customize the software in any way. The software is sold AS-IS.

Any customizations must be submitted to the helpdesk, and we will accept or not, if we accept the work we will quote it. If you accept the work then we will do the customization.

Heard enough? Want more information or to get started?

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