ticketCMS Plus

Zero upfront cost, just pay the monthly!

Sometimes you are a wholesale Ticket Broker who doesn’t want to compete against the big boys or market your website. You simply want an amazing looking fully functional ticket website.

This is who ticketCMS Plus is for!

Why would you want your business that you have poured your blood, sweat, and tears into not having a professional website or using TicketNetwork’s canned cookie cutter that has THOUSANDS of identical clones ESPECIALLY since its so cheap?

We can even set it up so the Ticket Exchange will process any sales so you do nothing other than collect a check or set it up like a traditional Ticket Broker website which means you process the sales. You can even switch them back and forth anytime!

How it works

The entire process can be done in one phone call! You simply pick a template, pick a ticket exchange, send us your logo or we can take it from your current website, and then you or we simply change your DNS. That’s it!

Ticket Exchanges it works with

Switch between the Ticket Exchanges with a click of a button!

We can get your new Ticket Website live on your domain name in 15-30 minutes! *

Why your website matters more than you know!

In the past 20 years, we have heard so many times from Ticket Brokers and small Ticket Affiliates that they don’t need a better Ticket Website, that what they have is “good enough”. It’s 2022, not 1996 all businesses today have websites and nice ones since it’s so cheap. 

Everyone Googles everyone and everything, what will your customers or peers see when they Google your business?

Heard enough? Want more information or to get started with ticketCMS Plus?

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    ticketCMS Terms and Conditions
      • No Refunds
      • Software is sold AS-IS with its current features (we will not make any changes, customizations, integrations, or anything unless paid to do so.)
      • 30 days’ notice to cancel your account is required.
        • How do you cancel?
      • Your monthly starts the day you signup unless you have a special offer.
        • Hosting is required through ticketCMS.
        • Your monthly is due every month as long as you have not canceled period unless you cancel. It does not matter if your domain is aimed at the server, if you are using the website, making a profit or any other reason.
      • ATBS will place a red notice banner on your website after 30 days of non-payment of services.
        • Removal of the red banner will only occur after all past due is paid and only during ATBS business hours.
      • ATBS will take down your website and cancel your services after 90 days of non-payment.
      • A reactivation fee is required if you cancel for more than 60 days or if your website is taken down for non-payment of services. The reactivation fee is one-time $950.
      • Setup can take longer than 15-30 minutes depending on DNS change time from your Domain name registrar, how long it takes the Ticket Exchange to provide your API Information and if you wish to wait for that.
        • Discounts and refunds are not offered for delays.
      • Features vary depending on which ticketCMS Package you pick.
      • You can switch your chosen Template Design Option, but there is a cost
        (currently $950 per switch | Subject to change).
      • All support is handled through our Helpdesk by posting a Ticket.
        • Ticket answer times are based on the SLA you are on. Learn more about ticketCMS Support.
        • For After-Hours Emergency Support, you call our After-Hours support line and leave a Voicemail for our After-Hours support staff to help you.
      • Templates
        • Powerpack templates work with TicketNetwork, TicketEvolution, and VividSeats.
        • Premium Powerpack templates work with TicketNetwork, TicketEvolution, VividSeats, and AutoProcessor / Logitix.
      • If you purchase the Lite Version your site will be installed as the Professional Version for a trial period then downgraded after the trial period ends..
      • Discounts and special offers cannot be used past their expiration date.
      • Discounts and special offers cannot be stacked or combined unless specifically noted.
      • Discounts and special offers do not apply to current customers of ATBS, ticketCMS, or TicketPlatform unless specifically noted.
      • Verbal abuse or threats will get your account canceled.
      • These are not all the terms that you agree to when you signup.
        For a complete list of terms