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Pick any of these template options for your new ticketing website.

ticketCMS templates will work with TicketNetwork, TicketEvolution, VividSeats, or AutoProcessor/Logitix *. You can control all the links, banners, images, content, and more from your Administration Panel. We can have your new Ticketing website live on your domain in 15 minutes!
You might think you only need a nice Ticketing website if you plan on marketing it, but that is why we have the Lite Version. It’s 2021, not 1996. Your business can not afford to have a website that doesn’t represent your business in the best light.

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Lite Version works with

The Lite Version works with all the Power Pack Templates below except the Premium Power Pack Template Designs.

Professional and Enterprise Versions works with

The Professional Version and Enterprise Version works with all the Pack Pack Templates below including the Premium Power Pack Templates.

NOTE: With the Enterprise Version we can build you a completely custom design from scratch.

What’s the difference between the Power Pack and Premium Power Packs?
Our Developers have spent dozens to hundreds of extra hours in some cases creating the most automation and loading them down with everything we can. The best of the best is included within Premium Power Packs.
Easily find the Powerpack you're looking for, or scroll down to see image previews or each
Terms and Conditions
Make sure you read and understand!
  • No Refunds
  • There are no terms on ticketCMS Package Subscriptions.
    • Hosting is required through ticketCMS.
    • Your monthly subscription fee does not cover any labor. It covers the required services for the website (hosting, simpleSSL, Email service for the website, GEOIP, Basic support for the website, and lifetime free updates to the code of the website for the life of the version (NOT REQUESTED CHANGES)
    • Cancel anytime.
    • 30 days’ notice to cancel your account is required.
      • Simply post a ticket with your notice to cancel.
    • A reactivation fee per website is required if you cancel for more than 60 days. The reactivation fee is a one-time $950.
  • Setup can take longer than 15-30 minutes depending on DNS change time from your Domain name registrar, how long it takes the Ticket Exchange to provide your API Information and if you wish to wait for that.
    • Discounts and refunds are not offered for delays.
  • Features vary depending on which ticketCMS Package you pick.
  • Support
    • All support is handled through our Helpdesk by posting a Ticket.
    • We do not offer phone support for the free SLA level.
    • Ticket answer times are based on the SLA you are on. You can upgrade your SLA anytime.
      • Posting multiple tickets will not speed response. You can pay to expedite a single ticket if you want or signup for a premium support plan with response times as fast as 15 minutes.
    • We warranty our code and labor. If it is our error you will not be billed at the discretion of ATBS.
    • We are “work for hire”. This means if you post a ticket asking for changes you will be billed. If the work requested is below two hours we do not quote it. We just do it and invoice you.
    • We bill once per month for labor requested at the end of the month.
    • For After-Hours Emergency Support, you call our After-Hours support line and leave a Voicemail for our After-Hours support staff to help you.
    • Paid Premium SLAs are termed contracts. 12 months at a time and automatically renew unless canceled before renewal.
    • Learn more about ticketCMS Support or Premium Support SLAs.
  • Templates
    • You can switch your chosen Template Design Option, but there is a cost.
    • Powerpack templates work with TicketNetwork, TicketEvolution, and VividSeats.
    • Premium Powerpack templates work with TicketNetwork, TicketEvolution, VividSeats, and AutoProcessor / Logitix.
  • If you purchase the Lite Version your site will be installed as the Professional Version for a trial period then downgraded after the trial period ends..
  • Discounts and special offers cannot be used past their expiration date.
  • Discounts and special offers cannot be stacked or combined unless specifically noted.
  • Discounts and special offers do not apply to current customers of ATBS, ticketCMS, or TicketPlatform unless specifically noted.
  • Accounting
    • You can view all invoices paid or to be paid via our billing portal.
    • You can download statements anytime through the billing portal.
    • If there are any billing issues please post a ticket to our helpdesk.
    • Any accidental overcharges will be credited to your account and used on the next invoice(s) if you are an active customer of ATBS / ticketCMS. If you are not it will be credited back to the credit card.
    • Chargebacks will get your closed account immediately and banned from any ATBS / ticketCMS, TicketEvolution Website from TicketEvolution, or any other Ticket Exchange we handle ticket websites for as well as any of our services and products we offer.
  • These are not all the terms that you agree to when you signup. Go here for a complete list of terms.

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