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Our Fanatical Support staff is here for you!

We are here for all our clients from day one. You might need Support at any time and we are here for you.

We can answer questions, help you do work, or do it for you.

It’s as easy as it gets. First, you can check our helpdesk for tutorials and our videos page for help. Then if you still need help simply post a ticket to our Helpdesk
You can learn more about our Support services below.

ticketCMS Support

ticketCMS Support Questions

You get our Standard Support when you sign up included with your monthly service. It’s the Free tier.

  • Response time to tickets = 2 Business days.
  • Online Tutorial Access
  • No Phone Support Included

If you need a higher level of support you can select one of our Premium Support Plans.

You can get support anytime by going to our Helpdesk.

We do not offer phone support unless you have a paid SLA.

Answer times depend on which SLA you are on. It can range from two business days to 15 minutes answer times.

Your are on our free SLA from the minute you signup and you stay on the free SLA unless you signup for a paid support contract. Then you can get ticket answers as fast as 15 minutes.
You can learn more about the available SLA’s and upgrade to a paid SLA here.

YES! You can expedite a single ticket by paying the expedite fee.

You can also get a premium support plan and always get faster answer times with your new support SLA.

If the free tier of support is not enough what can I do?

We have Premium Support Plans that you can pick from to fit your needs. 

You simply call our after-hours Emergency Support Line. All customers know the extension number.

The same place you ask all questions. You simply post a ticket and accounting will help you within your SLA.

To get help simply go to our helpdesk and post a support ticket. We are always here to support our clients. Posting a support ticket emails and notifiies everyone the respective department.